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Operation Focus

Our Strength – Orbit Academic Centre

We have been operating Orbit Academic Centre for Japanese students residing in overseas since 1990. We have provided tuition for exam preparation and academic counselling for primary, secondary and high school students at Japanese schools/ international schools to achieve their academic goals. The excellence of our educational skills have been greatly appreciated among Japanese community in our areas and among schools/universities where our students enrolled in Japan as well as overseas.

In this background, we established World Square in Singapore 2000 and started providing study tours and academic counselling with globally educational view and expand our market to other South-east Asia cities such as Bangkok, Shanghai, Kuala Lumpur and Japan as the demand for our support increased among parents/ schools in Japan.

We are proud to have long assisted students to reach their most suitable destination and they have already started to take important roles in the diversity of the global society.

Orbit School

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Academic Counselling and Application Support for Tertiary Education

We provide academic counselling with students, not only Japanese students but also multinational students residing in this region. We assist student to find courses for the destinations in Australia, Canada, Singapore, Japan and other countries.

International Student Recruitment

We recruit international students for tertiary education institutes by organizing information seminar/interview session at high schools/tuition centers. Our main territory for recruitment is Japan, Singapore and Southeast Asian countries. We specialize in Japanese student recruitment beside those of other countries because we possess extensive network in high schools all over Japan and Japanese community in Southeast Asian region.

Academic English/TESOL Program Planner

We organize English programs/study tours to schools and students since 2000. Recently we have introduced outsourcing TESOL/CLIL program to high schools and universities in Japan.

Tronto Study Tour

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